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Michael's Canada Flyer

Over 60+ eFlyers Michael's Canada Flyer LOVE your flyers?
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What we think of the Michael's Canada Flyer!  GRADE A+
Visual Clarity    
The Michael's Canada flyer at www.michaels.com  is displayed with clarity and is visually inviting. The mouse over feature makes it easy to view and read all information pertaining to each product.
Detail Information    
Getting any information about a certain product is easy. All you have to do is mouse over the product you would like more details on and then you can click on it to get even more information.
Navigation is simple with this flyer. Michael's makes it easy with extra features such as zoom-in & quick flip.
Speed of Upload
The speed of upload with the Michael's Canada flyer is fast and efficient.
Unique Features
The circle item & shopping list features are great! Michael's Canada makes it fun to view their online flyer.
About Michael's Canada
Michael's Canada offers a great selection of arts & crafts materials, home decor, party supplies, framing supplies & so much more!

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