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Fortinos Online Store Flyer provides Canadians easy access to great grocery savings.  Find produce, meat, fish, steak, frozen foods and more at Loblaws.
ca.  Today's pace never seems to slow. With its "market" stores, Fortinos is making shopping more convenient, while still doing what it's always done best
— offering great quality food, and innovative products, at a terrific price. One-stop convenience means Fortinos customers can pick-up dinner at the
Meals To Go counter, buy a bottle of wine, order digital prints from the Photolab, do their banking at a PC Financial pavillion, get that prescription filled
at the DRUGStore Pharmacy, even enroll for cooking classes "Upstairs at Fortinos," all while checking-off their grocery list. President's Choice and No
Name products, that shoppers have come to depend on for quality and price, are found on every Loblaws store shelf. It all keeps Fortinos customers
coming back for more.
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